Automotive + Consumer Electronics + Technology


For our clients seeking solutions for Automotive, Consumer Electronics & Technology marketing, media editorial & production, and event management services can now be represented by an unrivalled talent pool of true industry experts who have had solid experience for over 15 years.

We provide our clients with the most effective, innovative and diverse solutions to any type of automotive, Consumer Electronics & Technology related marketing or promotional strategy they require.

Our true strength is our ability to create uniquely devised and managed programs that are far beyond the capabilities of mere ‘ad agencies’. Our unparalleled marketing combined with technical skill set offers our clients unlimited scope for expressing their message into the marketplace – using the very people who’ve known their audience first hand for decades.

Key members of our team have worked at the forefront of automotive, CE and youth consumer events and have been directly involved in the creation, marketing, sales or editorial of every one of Australia’s major publication titles.

We have worked very closely with manufacturers to develop strategic campaigns to target specific demographic. This involves concept drawing, vehicle development, editorial production and campaign executions across all media platform, event participations.

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