Hospitality + Food Service + Entertainment


As a commercial progression from our service to the retail industry, Bespoke Boulevard serves its diverse services for the hospitality and entertainment industries such as venues, bars & restaurants, nightclubs, hotels & resorts and F&B products. 

We assist owners and managers suitable communications system to continuously retain existing visitors to their establishments, aggressively obtaining new and/ or expand its markets.

From producing appraisals that outlines their deficiencies right through rejuvenating menus, recreating their atmosphere, executing rebranding strategies, marketing & promotions, public relations, developing loyalty program to re-opening of the business to gain market positions.

The main objective for retail business is Foot Traffic Creation. Bespoke Boulevard develops plans and executes activities through full effort of our various internal departments. From developing strategic marketing campaign, custom publications, ongoing promotional activities, and creatively producing seasonal events, fashion runway shows, model awards, entertainment/ celebrity appearances through to business development consulting local and overseas.

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