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Luxury market

Based on our appointment as strategic marketer for many selected luxury goods and accessories brands through our representative office in the Asia Pacific region, Bespoke Boulevard continues this area of specialisation in executing creative and strategic marketing initiatives globally.

Our boutique department concentrates on producing new themed campaigns for all market seasons, product & fashion photo-shoot right through model casting, staging and producing fashion runways.

For many emerging designers, Bespoke Boulevard assists them in realising their business initiatives. Some originates from brand development and positioning, conceptual sourcing, distributions right through product launch, producing runway shows, organising models, casting and catalogue production.

One of our other marketing specialisation is product introduction, celebrity placement and branding opportunities specifically leveraging the entertainment and event industry. Capitalising our coveted access to celebrities and high-end connections to assist our clients in reaching consumers.

Many media approaches Bespoke Boulevard as a resource for press angles, featured appearances, stories and product info and allows us to proffer marketing services to select group of clienteles whom are interested in captive audience.

We partners with reputable event organisers, award shows producers as well as corporate and charity organisations providing their select guests lavish gifts as a token of gratitude, this creates opportunity for referral and word of mouth marketing to reach precise targeted demographic as well as offering our clients a more comprehensive approach to introduce and market their products and services to the entertainment industries and beyond.

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