Mobile Food Vending + Food Trucks


As the world embraces food trucks, it has seen a monumental shift in the past years. What was a kerb-side, underground and nocturnal commerce, it has become one of the fastest growing trends and sought after dialogues in food service landscape. Serving up corporate gigs, fashionable brands and major festivals, food trucks will further transpires to become catalyst in procuring gourmet food options that are self-sufficing and to make a mark in creating environmentally conscious and sustainable future. Bespoke Boulevard has identified the opportunity and strives to be the resource hub for food truck and mobile food vending operators worldwide and to work cooperatively with both private and governmental stakeholders to achieve a thriving future for this new industry.

Bespoke Boulevard provides resources and commercial opportunities for food truck and mobile food vendors in a single or collaborative manner by connecting them to customers through our management deliverables as well as continuous promotion of operators’ brand repertoires and active participation through our proprietary communication medium including digital, print and events. We capitalise on the collaborative marketing program such as Street Food United and Food Trucks United for the execution of this promotional activities.

We work closely with event organisers to undertake bookings, administration liaison, permits, compliances, on-site management and production services via our events management division to create a dining experiences for customers and communities.

We also work cooperatively with councils, municipalities and governmental bureaucracies to review policies, ordinances and procedures so they can better address the realities and growing needs of this new industry.

Bespoke Boulevard works tirelessly with local council and authorities to establish both street and fixed trading sites, administer scheduling of operations, monitor food safety and on-site management for food trucks and mobile food vendors to provide communities more food options from various culinary regions at their localities.

Using our strength in numbers we strive to provide member operators with better prices on supplies and services all food truck and mobile food vendors use through our proprietary mobile food vendor and food truck network membership program.

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