Travel + Tourism + International Trade


Bespoke Boulevard works collaboratively with accommodation providers, travel operators and tourism authorities to create satisfying customer experiences with aim to increase sales and continuously promote country’s travel and tourism industry.

We utilise our production capabilities in many different platform such as broadcast and multimedia to create content-based documentaries via social media channels such as blogs and vlogs and digital television network such as travel and lifestyle programs. Through our media and creative divisions, we commission our experienced travel lifestyle journalists and media production crews – including videographers and photographers – to document the travel experience to various destinations. We then develop suitable campaigns and distribute documentation of the experiences in the form of writing and video content etc to various relevant media. Through our marketing division, we further execute advertising campaigns and experiential event launches. Our Digital team then monitor marketing responses, feedbacks and campaign summary.

Bespoke Boulevard assists clients from governmental offices such as Consular Trade Promotions and private organisations to enter local markets or expand into new markets internationally. Via our business strategy division, we conduct extensive market research into organisational establishments, HR and market launches to develop system implementation for their business operations.

Bespoke Boulevard commissions its experienced partners and affiliates to manage all processes – from inception to delivery – thus achieving full integration of services.

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